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*Arrowwood Shepherds Gift Cards available*


*Group and Private Sessions are available -Please call to schedule an appointment.*

Private sessions Monday - Friday 9am Sundown

Home visits Monday - Friday 9am- 8pm

PLEASE, call before you leave for your appointment

Saturday Classes

Puppy Class is 8:30 to 9:30

Rescue Class is 9:30 to1130

Intermediate Class is 11:30 to 1:30

* Check the website for any cancellations the day before your appointment. *

Consultation Fee: $100.00
  As a requirement, everyone that lives with the dog must attend the initial consultation. Everyone should be on the same page as far as the dog is concerned. I guaranty, you will learn more about your dog and yourself than you ever knew. If you decide after the consultation that Arrowwood is for you and your dog, the $100.00 intial consultation fee is applied toward you Registration fee. 
Private session
This class consist of trainer, handler, and dog. It is a learning experience for both owner and dog. A great way to teach, bond and get to know each other.
 Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time fee for the life of the dog!)

 Private session: $50.00 per session.

Puppy Class

Puppy class is for puppies under 6 months of age. It is a learning time for both owner and puppy. It is the time your puppy will learn the basic commands that will be used throughout its life. Your puppy will understand pecking order and its place within the family (pack).                                                  

       Puppy class consisting of:

  • Proper socialization techniques                                                                      
  • Family inclusive education
  • Addressing “growing pains” of puppy-hood
  • Chewing
  • Using food and praise!
  • Housebreaking problems
  • Separation anxiety
  • Introduction & teaching 'keeping it fun' (no pressure)

             Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time fee for the life of the dog!)

             Puppy Class up to 6 months: $50.00 per session.
                 Payment is Required at the end of Class.

Note to owners interested in Competition Work: There will be prey building, rag-work, after class. 

 Beginner Class


  Obedience beginning at 6 months and up
         Beginner Class is for any new person(handler) with a dog over 6 months coming in to Arrowwood Shepherds. It is a class for the owner to learn control and leadership, as well as leash management and how to be clear to their dog.

Beginners Consisting of:
  • Basic commands
  • Includes sit, stay, come, down and heel
  • Concepts, leash management & commands

       Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time fee for the life of the dog!) 

       Basic Obedience 6 months & up: $35.00 per hr.
       Payment is required at the end of class.

 Note There will be NO protection work offered during or after this class.

 Basic to Intermediate Obedience 
This is a class for the dog and owner that is ready to start working their dog on the commands that will be used in your everyday life. This class will teach you and your dog the way to handle any scenario or situation. We work on leash aggression and how to work your dog through it. This class focuses on distractions and distance control using group participation. In this class you will master not settling, enforcing, demanding and working off leash, as well as strengthening your bond with your dog.
Consisting of:
  •  Demanding and enforcing commands 
  • Not settling
  • Strengthening the bond
  • Laying the groundwork for working off-lead    
  •  Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time fee for the life of the dog!)                                       

  • Basic to Intermediate Obedience 6 months & up: $40.00 per hr.
     Payment is Required at the end of Class.

     Advanced off Lead



     This is a class for the owner that is ready to start working their dog with a very high expectation and towards a goal or job. This is also for the person that wants the strongest relationship with their dog possible. This class gives you the tools to keep your dog stimulated and satisfied for the rest of it's life.

    Consisting of:

    • Toy Motivation
    • Off Lead
    • Focus and Attention
    • Tracking
    • Competitive Protection
     Registration Fee: $200.00 (one time fee for the life of the dog!)
    Advanced, Competitive work shop: $50.00 per session.
    Payment is required at the end of Class.
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