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My methods are to put as much knowledge into the owner as possible. Dealing with puppies, I use nothing but positive reinforcement and teach the owner how to deal with the growing pains of puppyhood. I show you how to correct bad behavior such as chewing and house breaking. Once a puppy reaches six months of age I teach the owner how to discipline their dog as well as when to praise. This means that if the dog does the right thing it must be praised and rewarded. When the dog does not do what he or she is told, when it is told, a correction must come when the command is repeated. All corrections are at the neck. This is the way the mother dog corrects her puppy, so I say use it throughout their lives.

When dealing with shelters and rescues we see all kinds of issues. I say bring them to the surface and teach the adoptive owner how to fix or deal with them. I offer my assistance to any rescue or shelter to make sure that each dog gets a fair change to find their new forever home.  

I believe that a dog should not get a correction for something that the dog does not know. When dealing with shelter dogs, some know nothing, these dogs must be taught with positive reinforcement.
Luchador Vom Seigerhof
R.I.P. MY Friend

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My Methods also include the youngest member of your family. I say if you can get your child to work with the family dog, then the better relationship the kid(s) will have with the dog, and the dog also learns to respect all members just the same.

This is our dog Kane. Kane was trusted with everyone big or small.
 He was the perfect example for what Arrowwood Shepherds stood for.
Although we lost Kane far too soon
 he is always close in our hearts
and never too far from our thoughts.
 Kane remains the
 Standards and meaning of
Arrowwood Shepherds.